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The Chaco Fund

Our organization seeks to unlock the potential of Bolivian women leaders by creating the conditions for self-empowerment, self-determination, and advocacy on behalf of rural communities. 

Chaco Fund scholar Lorena showing off her homemade dental mold

Our Indigenous Leaders Scholarship (Yaiko Avei Iyambae) serves exceptional young women from the Guaraní community of Chimeo, Gran Chaco Province. As rural Indigenous women have Bolivia’s lowest education attainment of any group, Yaiko Avei Iyambae addresses systemic inequalities in education access.

Our Community Leaders Scholarship serves exemplary young women from the community of Agua Blanca, Gran Chaco Province. The CLS is built on relationships with school administrators, community leaders, and parents, and prioritizes scholars’ needs while balancing their connection to family, community, and land.

Chaco Fund scholar Lorena showing off her homemade dental mold

 This Holiday Season, give the gift of education!

92% of Bolivian women wish they could have studied more; however, factors such as economics, ethnicity, and gender continue to limit their educational opportunities. Educating young women empowers whole communities.

Your donation to The Chaco Fund covers scholars’ tuition, room and board, and a laptop computer. In addition to scholarships, our program provides professional development, mentorship, and leadership training for scholars. By donating today, you create an opportunity for a young Bolivian woman to pursue her dreams!

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